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Rebecca Clarke

Company Secretary & Contracts
and Policy Advisor


  • UK Law including Contract and Company Law

  • Contract Management

  • Policy and document review

  • Training material quality assurance​

As Company Secretary and Contracts and Policy Advisor, Rebecca oversees our governance compliance with corporate and financial regulations.


Rebecca is legally qualified (LLB Hons and PGDip in Legal Practice) which enables her to work with suppliers and customers to ensure our engagements are contractually secure, deriving quality and consistency for all parties. Rebecca’s passion in setting out plain-English contracts with simple and straight forward language shines through and will be seen when you work with us.


Specialising in quality assurance, Rebecca ensures our documentation from policies to training materials are of the highest quality, meeting user needs efficiently and concisely. Whether technical in nature or not, Rebecca ensures our documentation meets the needs of its target audience every time.

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