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HRIS Support Services

When you only need short term technical expert support, save money by leaning on our experts for system management and administration support. Organisations rarely use internal system administrators expertise on a daily basis, so draw upon our team for those quarterly upgrades or system improvement projects requiring only a few days technical know-how. 


With a pre-booked bank of days, you get timely access to our HRIS Support Team. We are there to support your day-to-day business needs, across a variety of functions: 

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With years of experience implementing and managing HR systems in many business as usual settings, we’ve seen it all.

Our expert consultants can provide frank and honest advice and guidance across your HCM suite giving you peace of mind whilst helping to remove pain points, reduce the risks associated with changes and ensure that your build is fit for purpose for now and into the future. 


We understand that building and delivering new HR processes and software is not something you do every day and therefore may not be part of your internal skillset.  

You can rely on the expertise of our team to build the one-off solution you require without having the inconvenience or the cost of recruiting the expertise yourself. 

We will work with your internal experts to deploy the solution you require and upskill you to manage the solution after deployment to provide a seamless transition. 


Considering a new HRIS, Process, Module, Report or Calculation? Use our expert team to design your solution benchmarking against industry based best practices and leveraging your technology to the utmost advantage. 

We work with you to align your business requirements and processes to your new solution, providing options for selection – calling out the benefits/disbenefits of each and then documenting your final design to ensure that the design is, and remains, transparent. 


Once your build is complete, our test management service can document test scripts and scenarios for testing by users for business side sign off. Our testing coordinators can guide your testers through the testing process to deliver valuable, real world, results ensuring quality and sustainability.  

This service is ideal if you want to reduce the risks when deploying anything from upgrades to new processes and internal builds. 


Working with your company´s internal business realities, our team craft learning materials that are specifically relevant to you. Taking real life examples and using your processes we work with your team to ensure that what we teach them will be appropriate and make sense in your organisation. 

To deliver the right training for you we: 

  • Undertake training needs analyses 

  • Review your current processes to include these in the material 

  • Produce documentation that can be used again in the future 

  • Deliver blended learning solutions adapted to the learning styles of your team​​

Use our 'Contact Us' form below to find out more! 

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