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HR / Payroll Consultancy

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Our HR Consultancy service is designed to give you peace of mind when undertaking change within your organisation. We focus on helping organisations optimise their people offering in order to deliver strategic goals. 


Our consultants offer a wide range of expertise and bring real life experience of working within the HR function across multiple industries. This experience allows us to provide expert advice on tailoring your HR offer in innovative ways that may not have been considered previously (whilst ensuring that it meets your legislative framework). 


We have worked to successfully deliver numerous changes in our client organisations facing a broad range of challenges. Whether entering/exiting shared service arrangements or advising on mergers/demergers to establishing new payrolls and updating policies and procedures. 


Working with your HR team and leaders, our expert consultants ensure that we are able to provide the advice you need when you need it, ensuring you get the result your business needs. ​

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